Villa Capri Poway


DessertS 8.50

Sorbetto al limone
Lemon sorbet with fresh berries

Traditional Italian recipe from Dario`s grandmother

Italian ice cream with nuts and fresh berries

Crema Catalana
Villa Capri’s version of Amaretto crème brulée

Sicilian Cannoli filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips

Budino di Pane
Chef Antonio’s signature bread pudding with caramel sauce

Warm chocolate cake filled with Belgian chocolate served in a raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream

Tartufo Villa Capri
Sea salt caramel gelato with heart of chocolate served with whipped cream, fresh berries

Panna Cotta
Traditional Italian pudding With low-fat yogurt served in a raspberry sauce and fresh Berries

Coppa di Cioccolato
Chocolate Mousse prepared with Imported Belgian Chocolate served with whipped cream, fresh berries

Port Selection
Taylor Ruby 6.50
Fonseca Bin 27 8.50
Taylor 10 Years Tawny 10.50
Fonseca 20 Years 13.50

After Thoughts
Limoncello 7.50
Grappa 12.00
Grand Marnier 9.00
Frangelico 9.00

* Menu prices subject to change without notice.